Grassroots Cell Check


Cell Check is a web based somatic cell count reporting tool for dairy farmers and their vets or advisors. It makes use of periodic milk recording data, to provide a summary of current and historic herd sub-clinical mastitis performance. In addition, it conducts individual cow analysis to help identify members of the herd that require individual attention.


The reporting service is intended to be used monthly and allows infection pressure in both lactation and the dry period to be closely monitored, whilst guiding treatment decisions for animals that have already become infected. Farms can be benchmarked against all the herds registered on Grassroots Cell Check, or just against that user’s farms. The benchmarking performance provides strong motivation for improvement and illustrates the average real-life performance against the performance obtained by the top quarter of real-life farmers. Reports are downloaded as a Microsoft Excel file which can be edited and branded to generate a completely customisable report of consistent appearance. For more detailed information please see our brochure or download an example report.