Information for farmers

Grassroots Herd Check is a service that automatically keeps your vet and other advisors up to speed with your milk quality performance. It does this by accessing your milk recording information and sending them information summarising the latest farm performance figures. This is entirely free of charge.

Your advisor(s) can then choose to download some simple reports that analyse both cell counts and constituent quality and they are then able to suggest simple actions to ensure that farm management remains at its most effective. The reports attempt to turn your recording information into simple clear recommendations for action. By involving your advisors you get the best value.

Grassroots Cell Check Lite is available direct to farmers but does not make recommendations regarding actions for specific cows. For the more detailed reports you can ask your advisor to get involved or, if necessary, request interpretation online.

If you have any questions or would like to start making use of Grassroots Herd Check services, we would suggest drawing your vet/advisor’s attention to our website. You can however contact us directly.