What we do

To register to use Grassroots Herd Check, please complete the contact us web form. Registration is free and once completed, we will provide you with your own username and password for the site. At this point you will be able to request that milk recording data is released to Grassroots Herd Check for your use. This is done when farmers complete a data release form, which can be downloaded here and then emailed to support@herdcheck.co.uk . This process has to be completedmanually as an account holder’s signature is required by the recording company, and many choose to double check with farmers by telephone. We track the process and update users as necessary. Once the milk recording data has been released to us we will automatically add the herd to your own login area.

When a herd is registered, you will receive an automated e-mail each time new milk recording data is available for the farm. This e-mail service is free of charge and provides a brief summary of the most recent recording. It also provides a short term history so that changes are immediately apparent. We would encourage users to register all of their herds with Grassroots Herd Check as no charge of any kind is made unless reports are downloaded. By doing this users can access an up-to-date report for any client when needed and removes the waiting time for approval and data release from the milk recording company. From our experience, deteriorations in herd cell count and milk composition can be rapid and any delay before a report can be generated can result in considerable strain between client and advisor. If a herd is already registered with Grassroots Herd Check, you will be able to spot deteriorations in performance as soon as they occur and then be able to generate reports instantly. This not only demonstrates that you take your client’s herd health and productivity seriously, but also provides some reassurance that someone is ‘watching out’ for them.